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SMC1500 Automatic CNC cutting machine

category: Cutting Machine

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Zhejiang Shenming Shoe Machinery Co., Ltd.

Erik Wu
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1.       Equipped with an automatic tool changer, tool magazine can accommodate six cutter.

2.       Belt conveyor mode, accurate feeding, transmission process will not offset material.

3.       A complicated shape can be any typesetting, conduct accurate fast red material, and red material small interval, for customers to save a lot of raw materials.

4.        Using gantry racks to ensure the cutting position the same depth.

5.        Punch feed speed, red material 30-40 times per minute, enabling high productivity.

6.       Configure advanced computer numerical control cutting system, a good user interface, the school that can use.

7.       Selection of imported servo control, high precision, stable performance.

8.       Cutting Die and manufacturers are now consistent with the cutter, cutter unique mounting structure, so that cutter positioning accuracy,          simple and quick replacement.

9.        Cutting process fully automated, the operator simply puts the material dispensing, greatly reduce labor intensity.

10.      With a safety light curtain protection, and the red material process without human intervention, greatly improving the safety factor.

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