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Jenny Rao
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Footwear Materials Industry: 

Mainly applied to modified EVA foaming (slipper, sport shoes insole, wear proof outsole, sheet and other special foaming materials) , modified blowing PVC slipper, latex foaming materials and so on.

1.Increase the liquidity of materials, effectively reduce the electric current when extruding, improve the molding speed and reduce the energy consumption;

2.Increase the ejection quantity of finished products, improve the processing performance;

3.As inorganic filler, it has low linear expansion coefficient, the  change rate of volume reduce when heated;

4.Has good smoothness, it can effectively reduce the film sticking phenomenon, and improve the demoulding performance;

5.Effectively prevent the phenomenon of black tail, spot and wrinkling;

6.Has excellent flexibility and high resilience when applied to latex insole.


Modified Plastics Industry: 

Mainly applied to the modified materials for car and home appliances.

1.Has higher dispersion when mixed with other materials;

2.Improve the rigidity as well as the impact resistance property of materials;

3.Its raw ore has certain glossiness, so it has little influence on the surface glossiness during the application;

4.Because of excellent smoothness, it can increase the liquidity when processing materials.

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