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Hangzhou TPS Machinery Co., Ltd.

Joyce Ye
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TPS CNC router model C2513Z is the latest developed engraving and cutting intelligent equipment, which integrates carving, cutting and multi-functional vision positioning . The equipment is designed with the structure of industrial steel machine bed and the aluminum gantry. The machine bed is treated by vibration aging technology, the processing surface and the installation holes of which are all processed by the precise gantry milling machine by once. The router is equipped with high-speed water-cooled spindle, ultra-frequency electric oscillating knife, CCD visual positioning system and vacuum cleaning system. With international high performance motion control system and TPS independent developed and professional CAM software for carving and cutting, the machine has advantages of simple and convenient operating, high speed, high precision and perfect effect of dust collection. It is widely applied in advertising and sign industry, printing and cutting industry and other industries. Its application materials is KT board, PVC board, acrylic sheet, MDF, aluminum, copper, aluminum composite panel, plastic, carbon fiber composite materials,PC sheet, soft film, vinyl, magnetic sticker and so on.

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