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Keywords: sustainability and digital transformation
Release time:2021-03-24

abstract:Silvana Dilly, the newly elected Superintendent of Assintecal, tells us about the priorities that the association intends to address to accompany the associated companies, soon and well

Silvana Dilly, the newly elected Superintendent of Assintecal, tells us about the priorities that the association intends to address to accompany the associated companies, soon and well,  outside of this serious global crisis, always with an eye on the Inspiramais Show, which represents the institution’s flagship and the reference event in Latin America.

On last 8 February, Assintecal, the Brazilian Association of components for leather, footwear and manufactured goods, announced an important change in its top management. After 25 years, Ilse Guimaraes,  passes the torch of superintendency, leaving the office for personal reasons. Silvana Dilly, will take up the challenge, whom we interviewed to take stock of the situation of the association and above all of its future projects, among which the support for the digital transformation and sustainable development of member companies, as well as the promotion of ‘Inspiramais’, the show of reference in Latin America for design and innovation in the field of materials.

Where will you focus your efforts in the near future?

 The two fronts on which we will work in the coming years are, in particular, sustainability and digital transformation in companies. Sustainability is the keyword in the business world today, because companies need to have a responsible and sustainable growth goal, today more than ever: consumers want to buy products from brands that work within a conscious capitalism, the expression of companies capable of generating value for all its stakeholders. Companies must see sustainability as an added value for their business and for society as a whole. By working on the mapping of raw materials, the company can use fewer resources with greater economic gains, and at the same time with a lower impact on the environment. For this reason, Assintecal works for the inclusion of its companies within the “Sustainable Origins Programme”.

Another priority is digital transformation: companies must be aware of the fact that digitisation is not a palliative related to the spread of the pandemic, but a new and fundamental way of operating that will remain and develop in the future. With this we do not think that digital will completely replace sales made in the traditional way, with face to face visits and trips, companies must however explore the new digital channel and, through it, be able to exploit the opportunities that it offers to be present on the global market. Companies must prepare themselves to participate in online fairs, round tables and virtual business meetings, have an attractive environment for the presentation of live events, invest in photos and videos that show their products in a clear and attractive way. We need to see this evolution in the digital world as a new and parallel sales channel for companies. 

Are there any support actions by the Brazilian government in relation to the fashion, footwear and leather goods sector?

Recently Assintecal approved an agreement with SEBRAE – the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service – for the development and improvement of small businesses in the sector in relation to various areas: intelligence, promotion of national trade and export training. These types of agreements are of fundamental importance to SMEs, which most suffered from the pandemic’s consequences. Furthermore, the renewal of the agreement with APEX-BRASIL – the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – is in the final negotiation phase, which focuses on the internationalisation of companies in the segment and on the construction of a Brazilian reference image, through its ‘By Brasil’ brand for Components, Machinery and Chemicals. In this respect, companies are effectively supported by government guidelines, with tools aimed at getting them as soon as possible out of the deep crisis that has involved the whole world.