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◆ This machine is suitable for lasting the shoes with general or soft insoles,and with the heels at the height less than 180mmit has solved many difficult problems in heel uppebinding.
◆Inching setting for the lasting heitht makes regulation easily,can sooner get the accurate position for process.
◆We have full sizes of Wipingblades and Constrictive Deice which can fit all shapes of shoes. Constrictive Device wrapped with chain,it can accprdingly produce a good forming effect.
◆This design adopts Gears, Gear Racks and Ratchet Wheel to quickly and precisely adjust the auxiliary support.
◆ Last Support ascends and pressed two times, it smoother the lasting area and promote the quality of the shoes
◆Special esign about the rising oil routine for last holder completely controls the last stay in the setting position.

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